Directory Link Building (SP)

Directory links are a type of manual suggestion and approval link. They are easy to acquire and will hopefully refer some traffic as well as some search engine benefits.

Below I have listed all the directories that I could include SP in. I found most of the directories by analysing the backlinks to competitors and related websites. The directories that just have a web address and no link are those who I have submitted to but the listing has not yet been approved.

Each directory submission took 5-15 minutes to complete with a further 5-10 minutes to find each directory.

General Local Directories

General International Directories

Industry Directories

Paid Directories

This is a list of paid directories that I came across. 'Payment' can be anything from requiring a return link to $100's of advertising costs. At this stage we are not going to invest in any paid directory listings. (via yellow pages) ($1 per month) ($1 per month) (messenger newspapers) (just offer 10% discount) (requires return link) (online booking service)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I found a few new ones there. Cheers.

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