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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.- Wikipedia 

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The search engines are trying to return the best results for a given search. Internet marketers, SEO's and website owners are trying to make themselves or their clients rank closer to the top, regardless if they have the best website or not. As a result, Google keeps their ranking algorithm mostly private to prevent people from exploiting the ranking factors that they use. This doesn't stop the internet marketers because the potential reward if they are able to figure out how to rank well is enormous. What results is a constant cat and mouse battle between Google and the internet marketing and SEO companies. Google is so sophisticated now that many SEO experts agree that the best approach is to try and follow Google's guidelines, and produce the best content, rather than trying to cheat your website to the top.

Google is upfront about some of the factors they use and some others have been figured out to a high degree of certainty by experts in the SEO community. The links below have the most up to date information regarding ranking factors and Google's guidelines regarding SEO.

Tips from Adelaide's SEO Experts:

Tony McCreath of Website Advantage:
  1. Page Titles for SEO
  2. Submit your website to local directories (HotFrog, TrueLocal, StartLocal….)
  3. Create a Google Places entry for your business
  4. Register with Google Webmaster Tools and see if your website has a problem
  5. Add content, then add more content
Internet Marketing Tips from Clayton Wehner of Bluetrain Enterprises:
  1. Independent (or third party) review of your web presence - an ongoing process; keep asking yourself how your web presence can be improved
  2. Write great content- blog or articles
  3. Try search engine marketing - get a free Google voucher and trial a campaign- it's cost effective and trackable
  4. Contact like-minded businesses, suppliers and associations that you are a member of and ask for a link to your website
  5. Publish your website URL everywhere such as your brochures, business cards and other promotional material

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