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Video Marketing is the process of using online video as a method of communication information to potential customers to convert them into sales and leads.

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Tips from the Video Marketing Experts:

James Whitrow of Get Seen Online on a few questions:

'What are the main factors to making a video go viral?'
  • There's definitely something to having an X factor
  • Marketing is also important
  • It has push boundaries and there’s got to be something that makes you want to share
  • Short - around 1 to 3 minutes
  • Video and audio quality are important, people need to see and hear clearly what’s going on. Sound extremely obvious, but overlooked by so many videos. For some videos the music can make or break the video.
What are five things that small business owners can do to leverage online video for marketing?
  • The most important thing is to get good quality content. Think about what content might interest your customers, what do you see everyday that they might find interesting?
  • Steer away from blatant self promotion
  • Do research. See what kind of videos are popular on Youtube in your niche and use Google’s keyword tool to see what people are searching for
  • If you don't have much editing skill or software, plan your shot carefully to try and shoot everything in sequence so there's not much editing required.
  • Ask around, there’s plenty of people involved in film in some way who can help and advise.
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