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The Future of Internet Marketing Adelaide

I have been thinking about where I'd like to take this blog now that I have other projects to work on and perhaps not as much time to spend here.

The key areas I'd like the blog to focus on include:

  • Interviews - With Adelaide based experts in the internet marketing field and the occasional non-Adelaidian when useful or interesting.
  • Guest Posts - From Adelaide based exerts in the internet marketing field, more details here.
  • Jobs - Continue to posts to and promote our job board.
  • Education - Information about internet marketing education and courses in Adelaide and online.
  • Events - Covering the various networking and internet marketing events in Adelaide and maybe organising some events of our own.
  • News - Covering internet marketing news in Adelaide.

I have made several posts in the past with my own opinions about SEO strategy and ideas. I will continue these, when I have the time, but they will be posted to my personal site

I'm toying with the idea of doing future interviews as recorded audio and putting them together in a kind of podcast. They would also be transcribed and posted to the blog.

Some of the event ideas I've had include networking events for internet marketing professionals in Adelaide, SEO round table discussions, small business networking events and free lectures/workshops from internet marketing professionals for small business owners.

Overall the site has two main focuses - information, news and networking within the internet marketing community in Adelaide and packaging some of the community's knowledge and bringing it to small business owners and managers who can benefit.

If you have any ideas or comments about the direction of the site, please add them below.

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