Adelaide Zombie Walk Organiser Ann on Social Media (Interview)

I recently interviewed Ann, organiser of the annual Adelaide Zombie Walk, about how she uses social media to promote events. (My questions are in italics).

"Once a year we gather the undead to shuffle the city streets of Adelaide." - AZW Facebook Group

When did the Adelaide Zombie Walk start?

The 14th April 2007 was the first Adelaide Zombie Walk which started via a Myspace profile. At first it was just a random act similar to a "flash mob". My husband and I took over the walk in 2008 in prep for the 2009 walk. We have since made it a charitable event, raising funds and goods for Foodbank SA. Although we still have a profile on Myspace I find Facebook and Twitter far better to promote our event.

What are the strengths of social media for getting your message out?

I find Facebook a great way to spread the word as photos are shared and status updates can be read by people not knowing about our event then becoming keen after seeing something in regards to it. It keeps our costs down as we don't need to post invites. We can also mass message people and create an event listing to get an idea of what kind of turn out we'd have.

What do you think of Twitter and Myspace?
  • Myspace doesn't get a lot of traffic and we hardly use it.
  • Twitter I use but unless we're on the computer all day to keep updating it I find it time wasting... however it's great closer to the event to pump up the followers.
How do you use the different tools within Facebook?
  • We have a group page so I can send mass messages to all members and so members can share pics, thoughts and any other suggestions they have.
  • I have the profile page so when I contact people or make comments i do so as AZW and not me personally.
Tell me about the poster competition. How does it work and does it help you to get more exposure?

The poster comp is open to all SA residents, it's free to enter and something we started to get more people involved. Once a winning poster is chosen we then have it professionally printed giving the person who designed it free exposure as well as promoting the walk. Posters are distributed throughout the city, universities and business such as theatre/costume stores and so on.

Adelaide Zombie Walk 2011 will be held on October 8th, more details on the Facebook Event.

Thanks to Ann for sharing her thoughts and experiences on using social media for promoting events.

Ann is the event organiser and promoter of the Adelaide Zombie Walk. You can find out more about the AZW on their Facebook Group, Website and Twitter @adelaidezombie.

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