Mobile Marketing Basics

Mobile Marketing is marketing via mobile devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, ipads and ipod touches. Marketing methods can include SMS, applications, games and websites.

Mobile Use Statistics
According to Nielson's 2010 statistics (via 43% of Online Australians now own a Smartphone. A Digital Tip article says an amazing 93% of mobile devices in Australia and NZ are iphones and ipod touches. Much of the rise in usage is accredited to the rise in popularity of Social Media. The statistics in the US, an indication of what the future holds for us, are pretty compelling evidence that the mobile web is here.

Mobile marketing is most appropriate for businesses that people would likely be looking for while they are out and about such as restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. However, as the popularity of mobile devices and mobile browsing increases, mobile marketing becomes increasingly relevant to all businesses.

One of the most basic mobile marketing methods is to have your website optimised for viewing on a mobile device. Most normal websites can be viewed on a mobile device but, as A7 Designs put it, 'Using a regular website on a PDA, Smartphone or mobile phone is like trying to fit a Ferrari into a matchbox.' Your website needs to be specially designed and optimised so that its easy to use on a mobile device.

Other effective mobile marketing methods include SMS marketing and marketing via interactive applications.

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