Competitor Research- Superplay

Competitor research for the Superplay Cafe case study.

Most of the work I've done for this is in the Google Spreadsheet: Superplay Cafe Competitor Research. This post contains a summary and analysis of the data collected in the spreadsheet.

Competitor Research- Determine who your online competitors are in order to analyse them.

Method: I searched in Google for several phrases relating to the business and noted the competitors.
Results: The competitors are listed in the 'products' tab.

Benefits Analysis- What are the key benefits of their (your competitors) products that they are highlighting?

Method: Looked at some of the key points made on the home page, the key links and anything than was highlighted in a summary that might suggest it is one of the key benefits of the product or service.
Results: The 'Product' tab has a section listing the main benefits.

Pricing Analysis- What are the prices of their products and services?

Method: Go to each competitors website and look up their prices.
Results: The prices are listed in the 'Product' tab.

Content Analysis- What kind of content do they have? Is there anything important missing?

Method: Had a look at each website and picked out some of the marketing methods or tools they were using.
Results: The results can be seen in the 'Marketing Tech' sheet.

Targeted Search Term Analysis- Which keywords are they targeting?

Method: I looked at each website and used Keyword Density Analysis tools (see tools page) and PageRank and domain age tools (see tools page).
Results: The results can be seen in the 'SEO' sheet.

SEO Analysis- How well are they Search Engine Optimised?

Method: This analysis was done in conjunction with the 'targeted search term analysis,' (see above).
Results: In general I noted a medium to low about of Search Engine Optimisation. See the 'SEO' tab for more results.

Technology/Tool Analysis- What technologies and tools are they using?

This analysis was done in conjunction to the content analysis (see above).

Usability Analysis- What are the usability strengths and weaknesses of their web properties?

I have not completed any usability analysis at this stage.

Functionality Analysis- What are the primary functions of their web properties? Is their any important functionality missing?

This analysis was done in conjunction to the content analysis (see above).

Overall Strategy Analysis- An overall look at your competitor's online strategy

I didn't go as far as to do an overall strategy analysis. I will have to follow up on this in the future.

[This article is part of the Superplay Cafe Case Study. See the latest articles in the case studyhere or head over to the case study index for all the articles.]

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