Keyword Research- Superplay

The process and results of keyword research and analysis done for the Superplay case study.

The keyword research conducted for this project has been compiled into a Google docs spreadsheet available here: Superplay Keyword Research

  1. Open Google's Adwords Keyword Tool
  2. Click on 'Advanced Options' and select Australia instead of the US
  3. Type in 'Play Cafe Adelaide' and transfer the data into a new spreadsheet tab
  4. Type in 'Childrens Parties Adelaide' and transfer the data into a new tab
  5. Prune the irrelevant terms and the monthly data columns
  6. Collect all the terms from the two tabs that include the word 'Adelaide' and move them into a list in another tab
  7. Create an 'SEO Score' for each term by dividing the local monthly searches by the competition
  8. Order the terms in each tab by SEO Score, from largest to smallest
  9. Highlight the most relevant terms in yellow
  10. Group terms made up of the same or very similar words by drawing a box around them
  11. List the top groups of terms for each tab on the results tab
  12. Highlight the groups of terms in yellow that you are going to target


The terms the research showed we should target are highlighted in yellow on the results page with preference given to those closer to the top. I discarded some of the terms on the results page as I thought they were too general and too competitive for a new website to have a chance ranking for.

[This article is part of the Superplay Cafe Case Study. See the latest articles in the case study here or head over to the case study index for all the articles.]

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