Social Media Tools & Technologies

A list of all the social media tools and technologies a company might use in their social media marketing campaigns.

I got this list directly from a brilliant article on Mashable. Their article also has links to examples of companies using each type of technology.

Theres no way you could expect to pursue all of these options in your social media marketing strategy. You need to pick a technology (or a few) that is right for you and your business.
  • Blogs
  • Bookmarking/Tagging
  • Brand monitoring
  • Content aggregation
  • Crowdsourcing/Voting
  • Discussion boards and forums
  • Events and meetups
  • Mashups
  • Microblogging
  • Online video
  • Organization and staffing
  • Outreach programs
  • Photosharing
  • Podcasting
  • Presentation sharing
  • Public Relations – social media releases
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Social networks: applications, fan pages, groups, and personalities
  • Sponsorships
  • Virtual worlds
  • Widgets
  • Wikis

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