Adding Custom Tab to Facebook Fan Page

You have the ability to add a custom 'tab' to your facebook page using the static fbml application. Custom tabs are great for encouraging people to get involved in your page or directing them to your website.

One of the things that makes Facebook so user friendly is its simple layout which is the same on every page and unable to be changed. This makes it difficult for businesses to make their page standout. One way to achieve this is to put in a custom tab. When you have 25 fans you are able to direct users who aren't already your fans to land on your custom page. This gives you a unique opportunity, within Facebook, to brand yourself and direct the new user to do what you want them to do.

Loc Tran from Adelaide Online Marketing has created a great video showing you how to add a custom Facebook tab and highlighting some of the benefits.

If you're still confused, theres some great tutorials and resources in the reading below.

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