Link Bait

Link Bait is a legitimate way to build natural links to your website by focusing on types of content that have been shown to be good at attracting links.

There are many types of content that are generally accepted to be good at attracting links. The main categories are:
  • News- such as a breaking news story in your industry
  • Contrary- disagree with a prominent person's viewpoint
  • Attack- taking the 'contrary' approach to the next step, you attach someone and their viewpoint. Be careful, it could backfire on you if it gets too heated.
  • Resource- provide information worth looking at such as original research or an article pulling in several different sources and analysing them
  • Humour- humorous article, video, pictures etc. If it is actually funny, people will share it and some will link to it.
Why would you want links?

Acquiring incoming links, known as link building, is an important part of Search Engine Optimisation. Links to your website can also bring traffic, some of which will hopefully turn into customers. Linkable content is often also more likely to be shared through social media, meaning more people will see it and you will get more traffic.

On the Downside
  • When you run the figures, many link bait campaigns may end up costing you more than the resulting links are worth
  • Linkbait often results in low quality traffic and links from unrelated sources

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