Regular Internet Marketing Tasks

Internet Marketing is an ongoing process.  You cant expect to have a web presence developed and then sit back and relax to watch the money come in.

This is a rough guide to how often certain tasks need to be updated and monitored.  The regularity is only a guide.  In most cases more often is better so if you have the time and resources then go ahead and make more regular updates.

DevelopmentSocial Network Updates & InteractionsDailyDaily
DevelopmentBlog Content, Comment Moderation and Answering1-3 times/ week1-3 times/ week
TrafficLink Building (for SEO and traffic)1-3 times/ week1-3 times/ week
TrafficManage Advertising Campaigns & Develop NewMonthlyWeekly - Monthly
Record/ MonitorAnalytics - traffic, content, referralsAs NeededWeekly - Monthly
Record/ MonitorTechnical, Security & SE ProblemsAs NeededWeekly - Monthly
R/M & DevConversion OptimisationMonthlyWeekly - Monthly
DevelopmentStatic Content on websites or other propertiesAs NeededAs Needed
ResearchMonitor CompetitorsAs NeededMonthly - Quarterly
ResearchMonitor Keywords & OpportunitiesAs NeededMonthly - Quarterly
ResearchMonitor SWOTAs NeededMonthly - Quarterly

*IMP is the relevant part(s) of the Internet Marketing Plan that the task belongs to