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I've been struggling to come up with a strategy for the Internet Marketing Adelaide Facebook Page that will help achieve my objectives. I wanted to make it a place where people would come and ask questions and others would answer them to create a centre of knowledge and information. I have just decided that this exactly what I will do but I will create another page specially for it.

The new page is called Internet Marketing Advice. It will not be linked to this website or any other website officially as I want to encourage internet marketing experts to post and share their knowledge without fear that they are helping to pad someone else's pockets. So its going to be a stand alone page administered by me, to achieve my objectives. Here are some of the features I've planned so far:
  • Custom landing page/tab for non-fans to encourage them to 'like' the page and join the conversation by asking a question and/or answering a question
  • 'Experts Panel' page/tab featuring Adelaide internet marketing and website experts who are regular contributors. The page will include of photo of each expert along with a short bio and link to their website.
  • Weekly/monthly feature called 'Top Contributors,' with several categories such as 'Best Question,' 'Best Link,' 'Best Advice' etc. The top contributors will be promoted through photos, notes, updates and tagging.
I anticipate this facebook page will help achieve all 5 of my objectives. The conversions I will be looking for and tracking are:
  • Someone clicks through to my website, portfolio or linkedin profile from the Experts Panel
  • Someone clicks through to another expert's website or other linked pages
  • An internet marketing, marketing or business professional meets and networks with me via the facebook page- might be a little difficult to track
  • The number of likes, comments, posts and interactions grows and remains healthy
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