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The conversions and methods for tracking them on the website for the Superplay Cafe.

If you look back at my Determine Conversions post for Superplay you'll notice that a number of the conversions require an offline activity which makes them more difficult, although not impossible, to track. This post deals with onsite conversions that we can track.

Conversion 1: Kids Party/ Function Contact Form is Completed

The completion of the contact form generates a lead for booking a children's party or function. I used Google Analytics Goals with the goal being the thankyou page that the visitor is delivered to once they fill out the form and click 'send message.'

Conversion 2: Someone Views the Address or Contact Information

For the 'viewing' conversions I used the javascript OnMouseOver function that records a 'virtual pageview' each time the cursor moves over a certain part of the page. The 'virtual pageviews' are recorded using Google Analytics. I set up separate mouse over conversions for the address, phone number and email address at the different locations they appear on the website.

Moving the mouse over a particular section of the page is a rough indication of where a person's attention is focused. However it is certainly not a hard and fast rule.

[This article is part of the Superplay Cafe Case Study. See the latest articles in the case studyhere or head over to the case study index for all the articles.]

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