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"A call to action is wording that asks the reader or viewer to take immediate action. The desired action may be to fill out and send in an order form or reply card, make a phone call, click something on a website, look for the product in a certain store or many other possible actions. The call to action closes the sale by telling the reader or viewer exactly what to do to get the product, service or information offered."-

A call to action (CTA) reduces the friction between the user and what you ultimately want them to do on your site. It is an important part of conversion optimisation. The CTA consists of the 'Call' which is a verb telling us to do something and an action which is what we are being told to do. Common Call's to Action:
  • Contact Us
  • Download
  • Get a Quote
  • Open an Account
  • Add to Cart
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • Share on Facebook
  • Book Now
  • Subscribe
  • Comment Below
You need to work out exactly what your want your website visitors to do on your page. You can have multiple Call's to Action if there are several different things your visitors can do but you need to pick the most important to make your main call to action. The main Call to Action should be something that will go towards completing a conversion and hence achieving your goals.

The call to action should stand out from the rest of the page in order to draw the attention of the visitor to it. This is commonly done by using a button of a different colour and greater size than the other elements on the page and putting it in a prominent position. Have a look at the call to action design examples in this Smashing Magazine article.

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