Web Development - Superplay

The web development and design for Superplay Cafe including content, technology and design. You can see the finished website here: Superplay.com.au.

A lot of what I've done for the website is evident by going and visiting it (link above). I have made some notes below outlining the various aspects of the development process alongside the corresponding Web Development steps from the internet marketing plan.

  • Content
    • Articles- We used short sharp and shiny articles (copy), consisting of short paragraphs, tables and dot points, to allow scanning and get the point across quickly and easily.
    • Structure
      • Navigation- Top navigation, clickable logo
    • Features
      • Party Contact Form
      • Analytics
      • Conversion Tracking
    • Onsite SEO- We included keywords from our research in the titles, headings and copy.
    • Usability & Accessibility- Simple and clean design
  • Technology
    • Web Properties
      • Website
      • Social Media
        • Facebook- to come later.
        • Blog- to come later
      • Email Marketing Campaign- to come later
      • Other Pages
    • Onsite
      • Scripts
        • Contact Form- We used a free, externally hosted service from Snaphost.com for the contact form
        • Analytics- Google Analytics
        • Conversion Tracking- Google Analytics Goals & Funnels
      • Coding- Html, CSS and some javascript
    • Back End
      • Hosting- Netregistry Economy Hosting
      • Domain Name- superplay.com.au
    • Design
      • Look & Feel- Simple design with colours from the logo repeated in the page design.
    • Testing & Improving
      • Usability Research & Testing- to be completed at a later date.

      [This article is part of the Superplay Cafe Case Study. See the latest articles in the case study here or head over to the case study index for all the articles.]

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