Link Building: Manual Suggestion & Approval

The Manual Suggestion & Approval method of link building involves requesting, submitting and suggesting links to various sources such as directories, link lists and blog roles. Read on for some guidance on who to seek links from.
  • Directories
  • Affiliated Businesses
  • Related websites
  • Related blogs

Submit to the local directories and industry specific directories first, these are the most relevant links. Then look for any reputable directories that will take your links.

Affiliated Businesses

Request links from your suppliers or those your supply to and any businesses that you deal with.

Related Blogs and Websites

You can do a back-link analysis on your competitors and similar businesses to yours for ideas on who to ask for links.

Remember, links that look natural have more weight in the search engines.
  • Try and request links within the main body of content.
  • Vary the anchor text that the linker uses to link to you.

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