Link Building: Self Created, Non Editorial

Self Created, Non-Editorial links are those that you create yourself on other people's web properties. These could be blog comments and forum posts. Read on for tips for finding relevant web pages where you can create links.

You should be careful when creating links in this way because your links will be considered spam if you not provide quality content as well.

Blog Comments

Your comment needs to add value to the blog post by asking a legitimate question, answering someone else's question or adding some good quality content. Its best not to put links in your comment, rather to put your link in the appropriate field (usually under the email address field).

You can find blogs and posts related to your website by doing a Google Blog Search or a Blog/Post Search on Technorati.

Forum Posts

You can build quite a few good quality links from posting in forums relevant to your to subject. Well placed links will bring you both traffic and search engine favour. You are expected to contribute good quality posts in order to earn your links. Many forums require you to make a certain number of posts before you're even allowed to include links. I just joined the V7 Network and they require 30 high quality posts before I get the right to include my signature.

When you are allowed to include links to your website, don't put them in the post body. Links back to your website/s belong in your signature. This is an area at the bottom of each post. You should be able to edit your signature in your forum profile.

I would focus on joining a few good quality and highly relevant forums to really focus on rather than trying to target as many forums as possible. Write good quality posts and ask legitimate questions and only post your links where and when allowed. Check the forum rules for clarification.

You can seek out forums in your niche (subject) by searching on Google and using the 'Discussions' filter in the left hand column.

Article Marketing

I would also consider Article Marketing to be a type of Self Created link. Basically you write a useful article on your area of expertise, include a link back to your website and submit the article to various sources on the web to get it seen my as many people as possible. You can submit your articles to:
  • Article Directories- There are many of these throughout the web.
  • Blogs- Either by being a 'Guest Blogger' for that blog or by swapping blog posts between your blog and their blog.

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