Lets Face It Interview

Unfortunately the post title is misleading. I was hoping to bring you an interview with Let Face It (website), an Adelaide company that offers Social Media Solutions for businesses. I contacted them about a month ago and received a reply from Michelle Vigor, business development manager and partner, saying she was happy to do an interview and to send the questions through. I sent through the questions that evening but never received a reply.

Here's some of the questions I wanted to ask Michelle. I don't know if I'll ever get replies but if you are thinking of hiring someone to take care of your social media marketing, you should keep these questions in mind.
  1. How can social media benefit businesses?
  2. What type of businesses get the greatest benefits?
  3. Is social media most beneficial for maintaining a relationship with current customers or gaining new customers?
  4. How can/should social media be used in conjunction with other marketing channels?
Statistics & Returns
  1. What measurable benefits should businesses see from their social media marketing (SMM)?
  2. What are the other non-measurable or hard to measure benefits of SMM?
  3. How regularly should you make updates and comments?
  4. How many hours per week need to be invested to manage the account?
  5. Whats the relationship between the amount of effort (or investment) put in and the returns gained (e.g. diminishing returns, exponential increase or straight line relationship.)? How does it compare with other forms of online and offline marketing?
  6. How does the quality (ie. conversion potential) of traffic/leads generated from social media compare to that or other forms of online marketing (e.g. SEO, PPC & Email Marketing) and offline marketing (TV, print, yellow pages)?

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