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Description of the Web Development stage for the Internet Marketing Adelaide project.


  • Articles- Most of the written content is in blog post articles. I've been trying to update the blog every two days. My articles are generally short, have a 1 or 2 sentence summary at the top and use dot points where possible to make them easy to read.
  • Pages- The most important information that I think people will want to refer to is in pages which are linked to at the top (and one in the sidebar). My current pages are:
  • Videos- I created a dedicated YouTube account, Web Marketing Adelaide, for videos relating to this project.
  • Titles- The page titles are in the form of 'post title | blog name'
  • Headings- The post and page titles are the key headings on each page

  • Web Properties- Website/blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Profile
  • Onsite- The blog uses the Blogger CMS
  • Backend- Hosted for free by Blogger (Google owned), the domain name was registered through Google and the image and email hosting is provided by Google.

  • Navigation- Horizontal top menu navigation for the most important pages plus sidebar links for other important pages
  • Layout- Standard 2 column blog layout


I selected a simple, free template for blogger and just went with it. I especially liked that the header is not very high so you see more content without scrolling.

Test & Improve

I haven't yet done any usability testing but would like to in the future.

[This article is part of the Internet Marketing Adelaide Case Study. See the latest articles in the case study here or head over to the case study index for all the articles.]

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