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In a previous post I talked about location qualifiers, in this post I'm talking about a similar concept, business qualifiers. The question is, what words do people use when they are looking for a business. Here's a few that I came up with.

General Business

  • Business
  • Company
  • Sole trader
  • Enterprise
Service Provider
  • Agency
  • Firm
  • Partnership
  • Service
  • Consultant
Goods Provider
  • Product
  • Shop
  • Store
  • Market
Its clear that some of these words would be used in specific situations such as 'accounting firm' instead of 'accounting business.' But, for other words its not so clear. Lets look at some definitions.
  • Business- A business is a legally recognised organisation designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers- Wikipedia
  • Company- A company is a body corporate or corporation company registered under the Companies Acts or similar legislation. It does not include a partnership or any other unincorporated group of persons, although such an entity may be loosely described as a company- Wikipedia
  • Agency- A business or organisation established to provide a particular service, typically one that involves organising transactions between two other parties- Google
  • Firm- A business concern, esp. one involving a partnership of two or more people- Google
  • Enterprise- a company organised for commercial purposes; business firm-
As you can see, there is a lot of similarity between the definitions so it would seem likely that people would often use them largely interchangeably, depending on what they're used to in each context. Here's some search traffic and competition data for each business qualifier.

Business QualifierSearch VolumeCompeting Pages
296 million
85.8 million
Service1,830,000261 million
83.2 million
Company1,220,000446 million
Market1,220,00096.6 million
Product450,000105 million
Agency368,00059.8 million
Enterprise165,00025.2 million
Consultant110,00018.7 million
Firm90,50031.5 million
Partnership60,50012.8 million
Sole Trader
18,1000.256 million

What does this mean?

When doing keyword research we need to take into account the different ways that someone could look for a business. If its not the normal way that people look for a business, such as 'accounting business' instead of the norm 'accounting firm,' you might find the keyword has much less competition and is more profitable to target.

What 'business qualifiers' do you use when searching for businesses?

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