My Objectives and Strategy

I'm now about a month into the Internet Marketing Adelaide project and I thought it was time I redefined my objectives, as I think they have changed a bit, updated the mission statement and developed a strategy and internet marketing plan for moving forward.

Personal Objectives
  • Get a job in the Internet Marketing field in Adelaide
  • Further my internet marketing knowledge
  • Network with internet marketing professionals in Adelaide
Blog & Community Objectives
  • Promote the internet marketing talent we have in South Australia to local, interstate and international businesses
  • Collect, promote and share research, information and advice from Adelaide's internet marketing professionals
  • Build a portfolio page and encourage blog visitors (including prospective employers) to look at it
  • Do some probono and freelance website and internet marketing work to build my portfolio and reputation
  • Continue to research and write articles about internet marketing and related subjects
  • Conduct experiments and learn by doing- record everything to further my understanding of analytics and ROI
  • Join the conversation about internet marketing on blogs, forums and social media sites to build my and my blog's reputation
  • Attend local networking events then reconnect with people on social media sites and linkedin
  • Continue to interview local internet marketing professionals and other knowledgeable people and use their advice and information in my articles
  • Get more traffic from Search Engines, back links and promotions

I'll come up with a Marketing Plan in my next article in this case study

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